Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Song of the Week

Greetings Programs, 
  It is Tuesday, and that means its time for the song of the week (see below).  Whats great about this week's song is that the video is directed by Tom Scharpling of Best Show fame.  Perhaps the best advice that has ever been given is, "You don't mess with Tom Scharpling" though that actually may come in second place to "Get off my phone!" Any way, enjoy the tongue in cheek humor and all around awesomeness and look for a more detailed post tomorrow.

p.s. do mine eyes deceive me, or is that Jon Wurster and Ted Leo? Seriously, Donald Glover and Jon Oliver as well?  Is there no end to the star studded chaos of this video?

New Pornographers

*Best Show fans notice the band names on the radio charts.