Sunday, March 13, 2011


If you know me, you know that I am nothing if not a fanatic for all things Tron. This dates back to when, as a youngster, my sister George and I were staying with family (I believe that Bess was busy being birthed at the time and Curious G was not even thought of) who, in a desperate attempt to get me to sleep said, "Sure, if there's anything that will put a kid to sleep this late at night, its Tron!" Oh how wrong they were. What makes this first viewing of Tron even more awesome to me is the fact that it was on lazer disc. How awesome is that? Really freaking awesome. So, in honor of that, and in anticipation of the dvd/blue ray release next month see the following videos each as awesome as the one before. Oh and lest I forget, thank you to the previously mentioned family for their desperate attempt to get me to go to sleep. Now, on to the videos!