Friday, March 4, 2011

Classroom Management With Jeff Tweedy

   One of my classes was plagued with chatter yesterday. End of the world. I'm used to a little bit of it behind my back occasionally, but this was in front of my face.  Despite my nearing constant admonishments to "Please be quiet," "Sshhh," and even one of the famous "Zip it"s, the class could not refrain from what I thought at first was only gossip, but later turned out to be a combination of gossip and random noises.  When I had finally had enough I took a lesson from Jeff Tweedy and decided that if we could not learn and participate as a class, we could be silent and stare awkwardly as a class.  After a minimum of five minutes of total silence I restarted the lesson without further incident.  That's actually not totally true.  I had to move a couple of people to more isolated sections of the classroom, but things went a lot better.  For a hint of what this was like watch the video below. DISCLAIMER:  there is some language so please, if you watch it, keep away tiny ears.

Mr. Strange Needs A Name
  It was brought to my attention recently through someone who has yet to be named (no relation to He Who Shall Not Be Named or You Know Who) that I have no pseudo first nym.  And I ask you, how could I sit idly by whilst my four (4) readers are in agony to know my name? Answer: I could not.  So, I have decided to let you my four (4) readers choose the name for me.  Here's the deal:  If you have an idea for a first name you can write it in the comments section of this post.  Once several names have been suggested they will be placed in a poll for you, my four (4) readers, to vote on.  The winning name may be made my first name and the winner may get a mix cd made by me, Mr. Strange. What could be better?  Many things! So come on peoples, start naming.

*Please, if you know my real name, refrain from suggesting it.